Sunday, 23 September 2018

Want to make film on Shivaji Maharaj says Rohit Shetty

Filmmaker #RohitShetty has said that he want to make a film based on #ChhatraptiShivajiMaharaj in his film career.  

Rohit Shetty was interacting with media at Jagran Cinema Summit 2018 on Friday in Mumbai.

When asked Rohit what he thinks about trend of biopic in Hindi films and on which personality he would like to make a biopic, he said, “I haven’t thought of it as of now but if I ever want to make a film like that then, I want to make a film on Shivaji (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) and I know that I can do it really well because I know the history behind it but there is still time for that and I think it will need lot of investment. As far as trend of biopic is concerned, I feel trend is something which keeps coming and going. If the film is good and people are appreciating it then we should make films and there is nothing wrong in that.”
Rohit Shetty has made successful films like ‘Golmaal’ series, ‘Singham’ series and ‘Bol Bachchan’ and ‘All The Best’ in the past, when asked Shetty what is his thinking when it comes to return on investment of a film, he said, “When you are investing in a film, you need to have returns otherwise how will you function? You can’t make film where the producer is crying, the audience is confused when a filmmaker says I made what I wanted to make and this is my film. I don’t believe in that theory as I don’t believe in making losses. When I say a film is minting money at box-office it’s only because audiences are going to watch it in theatres. When we say it’s a 200 crore or 400 crore film then I say let’s our change it and let’s call it like 3-4 crore people saw the film so, the 100 crore or 200 crore club film is all media created. I think it’s very important for a film to run at the box-office.”

When asked Rohit Shetty what he feels about pay in disparity between male and female actors of Hindi film industry, he said, “You don’t have any idea what fees actresses are charging for a film. If I reveal price of some of the actresses then, everybody will be shocked. When I got to know about it that time, I was shocked. There are 2-3 actresses who are charging fees in two figure amounts in terms of crores so, there is no pay disparity as such and people shouldn’t take tension of that.”

Rohit Shetty’s next film ‘Simmba’ starring Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan is schedluled to hit the screen on 28th December, 2018.

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