Friday, 31 August 2018

Excited About Ab Dil Ki Sunn Finale Episode Smile – Shama Sikander

#ShamaSikander’s #AbDilKiSunn which has been received extremely well with the audience is coming up with the finale episode #Smile of the series this Friday, 31st August.

She says “So, the finale episode is releasing this Friday. It’s something very simple where we show how a smile can change someone’s world, how we take that one thing for granted but it actually changes a lot in our life. It tells you the importance of a smile. And yeah, I am extremely excited. I wanted to finish the last episode on a very positive note because no matter what we go through in life we eventually find happiness. It is all within us. If we just keep smiling looking at the problems, a lot of them can get solved with that and your positive attitude. I am elated that people love my films. They want me to continue releasing more episodes. Hence, I am thrilled to announce that we have started our work on the second season of ‘Ab Dil Ki Sunn’. We have already started the pre-production.”
“Season 1 was an emotional journey for me and I wish that this continues forever and we keep helping people in all the ways we can. We are also building our own foundation to help people suffering from depression or any other humanitarian cause. I definitely want to look much deeper into it and help as many people as I can as a human being. Whatever my status is, if it helps someone and helps me to reach people and make their life better through my story, then I am all for it. I just want to thank everyone for loving my show. Me and my team, we all have put in lot of hard work with all our heart and soul. I can see the results when I see the comments. These films are only going to grow and help people in the walk of their life. I feel blessed to know that in this birth I am able to do something which will remain forever in the history. So, I just want to say thank you to everybody. Keep watching and have an awesome life. You are your own hero and don’t let your light get dimmer because of anybody or anything.”

The final episode will release on Shama Sikander Films Youtube channel.

Source - News Helpline
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