Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Team from India wins medals in Taekwondo Tournament at South Korea

India shines with Gold, Silver & Bronze in 12th #WorldTaekwondoCulturalExpo2018. 

The Taekwondo International Tournament which arranged the 12th World Taekwondo Cultural Expo 2018 saw the shine of Gold, Silver & Bronze medals shinning for India.

The event was held in Muju, South Korea for around 6 days, beginning from the 12th of July to the 17th of July 2018. The participants from India won approximately 2 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals & 9 Bronze medals and shone the country throughout under the guidance of the 7th Dan Black Belt Holder and International Medalist from the Korean Combat Martial Arts Academy, Mr. Pervez Khan. 

Around 7,500 athletes from 40 different countries attended this event and under the guidance of Mr. Pervez Khan who is the director / chief instructor of Korean Combat Martial Arts Academy Trust, the kids raised the bar for everyone in the event by increasing the pride for India.

Arjun Dalal & Krish Seth won the Gold medals while Falak Khan, Mishuk Das, Tanish Bora,Darsh Shah & Krish Seth won the Silver Medals. Aania Bhatia, Aanika Bhatia, Falak Khan, Mishuk Das, Tanish Bora,Yashvi Seth, Darsh Shah & Arjun Dalal won the bronze medals for different categories.