Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Indian ‘Sylvester Stallone’, Sharat Saxena talks for his upcoming movie

#SharatSaxena is a well-known artist who has been a huge part of the Bollywood industry and thrives to work on characters that enlighten the audience with the new approach. As per the recent stories, #SharatSaxena will be seen in #SureshSharma’s upcoming movie #HansaEkSanyog directed by duo #SantoshKashyap and #DhirajVerma, which is based on the life of a third gender.

The cast of the movie and the team has been seeing this concept and story very sensitively because the close picture of the third gender’s life reveals too many emotions and struggles that they face on an everyday basis. On his way for the promotions from the Airport, Sharat Saxena was mobbed by the crowd for pictures and appreciation where tons of his fans praised him for maintaining such a good health despite being 67 years old. He has been a motivation to all and continues to be an inspiration for all the aspirants.   

While he was captured by all for pictures, the hustle took a humble turn when a fan called out to him saying he is the Indian Sylvester Stallone and Sharat was in adornment to that comment. Though he has never had an agenda to be named after someone, but it was the efforts that were seen and appreciated.  
‘’It has become complicated for the third gender to survive in this world because everyone is concerned about what the society will think. Kinnar are also human and they sold receive the respect like any other human in our society and with ‘Hansa - Ek Sanyog, we wish to pass that message to the world’’ says the talented Sharat Saxena. He may seem reserved and may have an outlook of the charming serious actor, but ‘Hansa - Ek Sanyog’ is one such story that has eased him up. Learning through their life and understanding their pain has always pinned the sensitive nerve in him.
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