Tuesday, 31 July 2018

All the credit for the film's release goes to our director Manav Bhalla said Samar Vermani

#SamarVermani who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming release #LashtamPashtam said he would like to credit the director with the film's successful release.  

Samar along with co stars Ishita Dutta and Vibhav Roy interacted with media for the promotion of the upcoming film.

Samar when talking about the most passionate person on set said, "Out of all of us the one who had maximum conviction was our director Manav Bhalla. If this film has come so long and is getting release on a big level, it is because of him.

I would like to give the film credit to our debutant director Manav Bhalla. But because of his work it did feel like we were working with a debut director. Thank you so much Manav sir, we all owe you a lot."
Ishita Dutta who will be seen as a single mother struggling with her life said she is sure people will enjoy the simple story. "The film is about friendship, its about brotherhood and friendship beyond borders. I'm sure people would love it. The film's music is excellent and the story is sweet and simple."

Vibhav Roy another lead in the film said, "The release day could not be any ideal because it is between friendship day and independence day and these day resonate big time with our film. The film has friendship and brotherhood plus it is patriotic as well.

Also I would like to point out it is not overly patriotic. It is a beautiful story  of love and friendship. Not a better day than to want on tenth of august right between all the madness and love." he added.

Starring Om Puri, Tisca Chopra, Dolly Ahluwalia, Vibhav Roy and Samar Vermani, the film follows two friends (Roy and Vermani), one from India and the other from Pakistan, who are settled in Dubai. All is well until the geo-political rivalry between their home countries makes its way into their friendship.

Lashtam Pashtam was one of Om Puri’s last projects before he died on January 7, 2017.

Source - News Helpline
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