Tuesday, 5 June 2018

​Gurmeet Choudhary Issues Statement Saying He is Innocent

Actor #GurmeetChoudhary was in news after a fan threatened to kill himself to prove his love for the actor. And now, the latest buzz has it that the same man has accused television star and his wife #DebinaBonnerjee of duping him of Rs 11 lakh.

Reportedly, the fan's name is Ankit Royal and the actor has been dealing with this his nuisance from the last three months. And now, Gurmeet has issued an official statement where he has called these allegations baseless. Also he feels that an actor's life is 'extremely vulnerable, in danger'.

“I’ve started getting tweets from @AnkitRoyal and few fans on Twitter and Instagram. The guy with the name of @AnkitRoyal was in need of help as his family was in danger and he needed to talk to me or else he would commit suicide. Furthermore, he sent the picture of a guy (which I’ve tweeted) informing that he wants to kill me. @AnkitRoyal has all the information which he wants to share it with me if I get in touch with him directly. Initially, I ignored it thinking it to be a prank by some fan. When it became repetitive, I lodged a police complaint because I did not want anybody to commit suicide for me and obviously there was a death threat. On lodging an FIR and upon further investigation, all the numbers that I and all my fans were receiving messages from were tracked down to Rajasthan. Few days after the investigation, those numbers got disabled (I was informed that by Mumbai police).

Furthermore, I’ve recently received a tweet suggesting that I have taken 11 lakh rupees from somebody and a few bank receipts were also posted on Twitter. None of the bank receipts were on my name or the account number was also not mine. Here, I clearly notice the name of Ankit Royal in one of the receipts which means the first message that I had received has got some relation to this case and Ankit has some connection to that.

“Now, the articles have started appearing mentioning that an FIR is lodged in Rajasthan against us and we are summoned. I fail to understand since it is not in my name, not my address and no evidence, then why am I being held responsible for this? Please clarify with me before you write anything because I do not believe in ‘any publicity is good publicity’. I let my work do the talking. If anybody is trying to gain publicity on my name, I would not appreciate that and if anybody is cheating taking my name, I do not appreciate that either. So please let’s look into this matter seriously and sort it out that just might help an innocent person.”  
“If posting videos online is going to dubbed and used to extract money by frauds then I feel an actor’s life is extremely vulnerable or in danger. I fail to understand as to how can you deposit money on different names and think that you are giving it to a different person which means you are also committing crime.”

“I request the police and the media to look into this matter rather than going in different directions and making a zero out of it.”

On the work front, Gurmeet will next been seen in Paltan.

Source - News Helpline

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