Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Pandit Pandit to launch new digital platform ‘Papa Plays’

#PaniniPandit, the son of late veteran actor Raaj Kumar, is stepping into the world of entertainment with a new digital platform named #PapaPlays.

Panini, who directed a video for a song “Kahu Main Ya Kahu Na” — which will be the first video on the platform when it will launch on Thursday — was present here for a promotional event on Tuesday.

Talking about his new venture, Panini said: “We are stepping into the world of entertainment with ‘Papa Plays’ in two days. ‘Papa Plays’ is an entertainment platform and music is a core vertical of it.”

The platform will have two other verticals one for the TV world, dedicated to the TV shows and another for fresh content, a platform for all aspiring filmmakers.

 “The vertical will be a platform for all aspiring filmmakers who have great ideas and have shot films but do not know what to do with it. We will invite them to show their work and give them a platform as a co-curator,” he said.

The platform’s first creation “Kahu Main Ya Kahu Na” is a romantic song.
Commenting on the reason to choose the genre of romance for his first song, Panini said: “I wanted to explore and start with a simple basic emotion of love and what it feels to be in love. I designed my video based on the idea of exploring the feelings of a heart which is in love and life of an artist.”

Written and directed by Panini, the song features actress Natasha Singh and the music have been composed by Rupesh Verma. The lyrics have been penned by Ajay Garg, while the song has been sung by Anita Bhatt.

The video has been produced by Indivar Bhatia and Vastavikta Pandit.

Source - News Helpline

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