Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Hope Jaya's 'Kama' made into a big international series. : Kabir Khan

Filmmaker #KabirKhan said he hope Jaya mishra's book #Kama  will be made into a big international series.

Kabir Khan along with Arshad Warsi was present at the book launch of screenwriter Jaya Mishra on Monday.  

When asked if he will be looking at the story as a potential project in future for him, Kabir said, "When I was shooting a film in Manali, Jaya had joined us. I didn't know what she was researching for in the jungles of Manali but she ended up writing the book. I used to actually discuss and read the chapters as she was writing. We had many interesting discussion she used to read it to us, I was shooting with Salman at the time. But when I read the finally read it on paper it was very much alive."

"I think it because of her screenwriting background. But when I was reading it I could literally see close-up, Shift focus, rolly, track. it is so vivid and written for the screen I really hope, and I am talking about it to Jaya, I really do hope that it is made into a big international series."

Arshad was all praises for the author and said that she is meant to do more and this is just the beginning for Jaya Mishra.
"When you meet some people they have a glow, and you know that they will do something in life, and they are meant for something else and that's what Jaya was doing. When I saw her I knew what is doing now is just to pass time, sooner or later she will be heading a big TV channel or run something and I few that was going to happen. I feel that 'Kama' is just the beginning of Jaya Mishra. If you read the book and in between the lines, its actually Jaya. Brutally honest, sorted and very intelligent."

Kama: The Story of the Kama Sutra is a fictionalised account of the life and times of Vatsyayana.

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