Friday, 4 May 2018

Harsh Chhaya Speak Up On Khajoor Pe Atke

Actor #HarshChhaya who is making his debut as director with upcoming film #KhajoorPeAtke has said that he is not feeling any kind of pressure with the release of the film.

Harsh Chhaya was interacting with along with Vinay Pathak to promote ‘Khajoor Pe Atke’ on Thursday in Mumbai.

When asked Harsh Chhaya whether he is feeling any pressure with the release of his debut film as a director, he said, “I am not feeling any kind of pressure with release of the film. I think whether film will work or not, it is not in our hands so, I don’t think about that much. We have made this film with honesty and integrity  and  while making film no one says that let’s waste five crores by making a film and it will be fun so, every person wants to make good film which will entertain the audience. I am really satisfied with the work of my actors and crew and now ball in audience court. We think that we have made a good film and we can hope that audience would accept it”

Talking about title of the film ‘Khajoor Pe Atke’, Harsh Chhaya said, “The story of the film is such that every character of the film has stuck somewhere in their life and they are not able to understand how to deal with it. There is famous saying that ‘Aasman se gire aur khajoor pe atke’ and the saying has comical subtext to it which goes perfectly with the storyline of the film.”

Talking about basic plot of the film actor Vinay Pathak,said, “It’s a story of family which consists of three brothers. In the film, one of the brother get seriously sick and his remaining two brothers who lives in another cities comes to see condition of their ailing brother in Mumbai with their families. I am playing younger brother and Manoj Pahwa plays elder brother in the film. This film is based on real circumstances but the incidents in the film are really funny so, I think common people would be able to connect with the film’s story”

When asked Harsh Chhaya from where he has taken inspiration to make this film, he said, “We have taken inspiration for this film from everyday’s life. The situations which we have shown in the film are inspired by incidents which took place in my house and my friend’s house so, that’s how I developed story of this film.”
When asked Vinay Pathak, why is he so choosy when it comes to working in films, he said, “I like to work in those films which script appeals me. I can’t work in every film which is being offered to me. I always try to choose good film then people will also appreciate my work. I don’t work in films on the basis of my character. Whenever I do a film, I always look for good story, screenplay and dialogues in it. I think if the story of your film is good then every character of that story can look good onscreen.”

The film is about a family which is dealing with an ICU-admitted relative and his imminent death. The family members are more interested in the ancestral property and touring the city of Mumbai (where the man is hospitalized) than in being by their relative's side.

‘Khajoor Pe Atke’ is directed by Harsh Chhaya and produced by Welcome Friends Productions.

It stars Manoj Pahwa, Vinay Pathak, Dolly Ahluwalia, Seema Pahwa, Sanah Kapoor and Suneeta Sengupta in lead roles.

Khajoor Pe Atke releases worldwide on 18 May.

Source - News Helpline

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