Saturday, 14 April 2018

National uprising needed to bring justice for the 8-year-old girl: Hema Malini

Veteran actress and politician #HemaMalini said on Twitter, there should be a national uprising to bring justice for the 8-year-old girl #Aasifa.

Hema took to the social media on Saturday to express her concern.

"There should be a national uprising with strong support from the media, against these animals who don't spare even babies and toddlers. I agree with Manekaji (Gandhi) that death penalty should be instantaneous once proven guilty and there should be no bail or pardon, juveniles included, for all rapes," she tweeted.

The minor girl from the Bakerwal community was kidnapped on January 10; taken to a temple in Rasana village in Kathua.

Her attackers included temple official and policemen that drugged and gang-raped her over days before finally killing her and dumping her body in nearby forest seven days later.
Maneka, the Women, and Child Development (WCD) Minister said on Friday went on a hunger strike demanding govt take concrete actions to curb sexual crimes against women.

The girl was attacked to scare away the nomadic Muslim community out of the village.

Source - News Helpline

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