Saturday, 14 April 2018

Let’s hear the ‘Earth Voices’ before they are gone: Abhishek Ray

#AbhishekRay, conservationist, singer and film composer of Paan Singh Tomar, Welcome Back, Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster has created a new album symphony titled 'Earth Voices', featuring #ShreyaGoshal.

Abhishek Ray who is known for creating India’s first private wildlife refuge- Sitabani Wildlife Reserve said, this project is his way of expressing love for wildlife. “ I wanted to create something where language isn't a barrier. With 'Earth Voices' we are talking to global listeners, global animals and sounds that the entire planet makes.  If it was in Hindi, only people from India would listen and we wanted to go beyond our country. With ‘Earth Voices’ I want to generate concern and support for our diminishing wildlife and vanishing natural heritage. We have very little time left to listen to the earth voices, let’s hear them before they are gone.

The makers released 3 teasers in early April featuring mysterious voices of the planet belted out by the Shreya along with rare cinematic visuals cut to delicately crafted music by Abhishek Ray.

Talking about working with singer Shreya Ghosal on this unconventional music form he said, “I have worked with Shreya on many projects and she is an amazingly talented and versatile singer. For 'Earth Voices' we have used a different kind of richness and texture in her voice. It is the operatic side of her voice. I created a symphony like in an opera instead of a song to overcome the language barrier. So that the audience in the entire world will be able to understand it and it will be palatable to all kinds of people. “

Apart from films, Abhishek has a history of doing cutting edge non film albums for which he bagged the prestigious Mirchi Music Award recently. He was introduced to the industry by the legendary Gulzar with their first collaboration called Udaas Paani.
Abhishek who is a Government bonafide tiger tracker and singer-composer of India's national tiger anthem said that wildlife is the greatest indicator of our own future. “This project is a way of expressing my solidarity for all creatures in the intricate web of life. We always talk about Bollywood songs, their numbers and how much people appreciate them. But India is much more than just Bollywood.. We are the land of magnificent wildlife like the tiger, lion, leopard, elephant, bear, rhino, wolf....We have what other countries don't. I wanted to use music to bring forth the voice of the animals who are speechless. Once they are extinct, they can never be brought back. These animals who  are suffering at human hands are the ultimate guardians of our clean air and water .”

The video was filmed by Abhishek Ray in and around his sanctuary Sitabani Wildlife Reserve. It depicts the richness and diversity of Indian Wildlife and will be released on Earth Day.

Source - News Helpline

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