Monday, 16 April 2018

It is the higher authorities who should come forward: Helen Richardson Khan

Former actress #Helen demanding justice for murder and rape cases in India said it is the higher authorities who should come forward.

Helen Richardson Khan along with other celebs like Ekta Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Samira Reddy, and more were present at the Apolitical & Peacefull Protest Demanding Justice For Kathua & Unnao in Mumbai on Sunday.
When asked to comment on the growing statistics of rape and murder cases in India Helen said, "I am ashamed and sad. I have no words to tell you how horrific this is. There are no words to explain the feeling we all are getting. People are expressing how they feel in the way of this protest that is ok, but what's the use. We still don't know what will be the punishment for the crimes done. After a few days, they will make us forget about it. what can we do? it is the higher authorities who should come forward."
Talking about how to bring about the change in society to stop just crimes from happening, Helen said, "Education is very important from childhood they should be taught to respect each other. A boy should be thought to respect his sister his friend and the girls should be taught the same way. The girls should be given an extra care where education is concerned not just the boys."
Producer Ekta Kapoor who was also present during media interaction said, "It is extremely painful and sad if we can stop this and be a force to reckon with we can definitely make a difference. Enforcement of the law and fast-tracking the system are the only ways to stop this from happening. If we are able to enforce the law and catch the criminals within 40 days then I don't think such crimes will happen so often."
Actress Samira Reddy said as a society we need to change the way look at women. "I am listening to people talk and I can see that a lot of blame game is going on. People are either blaming the government for not doing anything or political parties making it about politics. But I am here peacefully to say that for a change to happen you have to start from the grassroots now. As a mother I want all other mothers to teach their sons to respect girls and to respect women. and that starts very early in life. of as a society, we take that stance then things will change. it will take time but things will change today."
The minor girl from the Bakerwal community was kidnapped on January 10; taken to a temple in Rasana village in Kathua. Her attackers included temple official and policemen that drugged and gang-raped her over days before finally killing her and dumping her body in nearby forest seven days later.
Maneka, the Women, and Child Development (WCD) Minister said on Friday went on a hunger strike demanding govt take concrete actions to curb sexual crimes against women.
The girl was attacked to scare away the nomadic Muslim community out of the village.

Source - News Helpline

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