Thursday, 12 April 2018

In future, audience will see more of me says Abhay Deol

#AbhayDeol who is busy promoting his upcoming film #NanuKiJaanu has said that in future people will see more of him.

Abhay Deol interacted with media to promote ‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’ on Wednesday in Mumbai.

Abhay Deol is known for being choosy when it comes to work in films. Abhay Deol last seen in ‘Haapy Bhag Jayegi’ which released in 2016 and in 2018, he is featuring in ‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’ when asked Abhay whether he has become super choosy for choice of films, he said, “I have been always choosy about it but I try not to take long breaks in between my two films but it happens sometimes especially because I don’t work in formula films and films which excite me are being made in less numbers. Therefore, it takes so much time between release of two films but since last year, I have been busy as I shoot for 5 films and in this year also, I will be shooting for 2-3 films.”

“Lately, I have noticed that people are thinking differently while making their films and taking big chances with it. When I was doing different of kind films at that time, people were open to that kind of films because multiplexes were being made and it had that kind of exposure for the films but when the number of opening a multiplex declined then distribution of that kind of films also got affected. Now, digital platform has made its entry and I think people who belong to digital platform must be saying to makers to create certain kind of content and not to follow star image as they want to create certain image of their own because that, there is sense excitement in the industry so hopefully, audience will lot more of me in future”

‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’ shares same release date with films like ‘Omerta’, ‘Daas Dev’, ‘High Jack’ and ‘Beyond the Clouds’ so when asked Abhay will this clash of films affect his film, he said, “I hope all films do well and I think it is possible. We have audience numbers. People have awareness about these films which are releasing on Friday so if you market your film well then, they will go to watch your film and after that, film will pave its own way through word of mouth. Marketing will serve a purpose to bring attention and awareness then, the film to do well depends upon quality of it. I believe we have audience to sustain 4-5 films at a time.

“I am big fan of Majid Majidi films so I am looking forward to his film (Beyond the Clouds). I want people know that he is really talented and humble filmmaker and we are releasing our film along with his film so, I want his film to do well, Rajkummar’s film (Omerta) and our film to do well and if all these film are good they definitely they will find its audience.”

Talking about his character in ‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’, Abhay said, and “My character name is ‘Nanu’ He comes from a criminal background. He forcefully takes over people’s house in low rates and sells it to higher prices and one day, female ghost comes in his life because of her he is not able to do his criminal activities. From criminal he becomes a scared man. I think in that, there is comedy and redemption for that character.”

‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’ is love story between ghost and crook so when asked Abhay whether he believes in ghosts in real life, he said, “I think it exists. I don’t have any personal experience with them so it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I am sure they exist and I take neutral stand on these things. It is improper to think that you know that all. It’s like thinking universe revolves around earth but it’s not that, earth revolve the sun.”
‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’- a horror comedy, where a ghost falls in love with a crook, starring Abhay Deol and Patralekhaa in lead roles.

The film is produced by Inbox Pictures, directed by Faraz Haider and written by Manu Rishi Chadha
‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’ hits the theatres on 20th April 2018.

Source - News Helpline

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