Saturday, 7 April 2018

​I wrote Those Tweets – Kapil Sharma

Popular and most loved Indian Comedian #KapilSharma went bonkers on social media and wrote a series of abusive tweets against a media group for tarnishing his name.

Comedian Kapil Sharma wrote a series of abusive, offensive and vulgar tweets addressed to anyone or everyone, who in the proximity. Starting with a particular media group and later abusing fans, who didn’t agree with the comedian!

Though Kapil deleted the tweets a few minutes later and then posted, “Hi all please ignore the previous offensive tweets as my account was hacked. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Love and regards to all.”

But now Kapil Sharma confirmed that he was the one who wrote all those tweets. He wrote, “Maine jo b likha tha apne dil se likha was my team who deleted my tweets...But main is kutte bikaayu reporter se darne wala nahi hu...he can write anything for anybody just for few bucks. Shameless.”

Kapil’s twitter outburst on the social media includes his infamous argument with Sunil Grover and defending Salman Khan on Blackbuck Poaching Case.
Kapil Sharma also swore to take people to court, who are spreading negativity about him. He wrote, “Some people just want to defame you for few bucks, but it will take ages to take a stand against the wrong...I shall do it today n forever.”

Apparently, Kapil Sharam has filed a case in Oshiwara Police Station and taking the matter to court.

Source - News Helpline

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