Saturday, 31 March 2018

​Ssumier Pasricha Aka Pammi Aunty – Will Not Go Off Facebook

Ssumier takes digs at the current state of affairs with his hilarious Pammi Aunty Videos, will not go off Facebook!

For the last few days, popular social networking app, Facebook's data scandal has come out in open where allegedly a quiz app harvested 50 million Facebook profiles for data, the data that was collected from people without their knowledge but Facebook said that users had their privacy settings on to allow it.

All hell broke loose & people across the world took to social media to express their opinions on the scandal of the year.

Closer home, our very own Pammi Aunty, a fictional character & brainchild of actor Ssumier Pasricha shot a funny video in his patent style taking a sarcastic dig at the infamous scandal.

Last year, a well thought out video by a prominent RJ on the situation of potholes in Mumbai landed her in trouble but she got backing by the industry & also public alike & the news made headlines for weeks altogether. An MBA & a theater actor himself, Ssumier also uses his character's popularity to talk about topics that matter in his own style that make it all the more interesting.
In the video shot in 3 parts, Pammi Aunty is appalled as a distant relative informs her that she's permanently deleted her Facebook profile after the news of data leak came out in open & Pammi Aunty rolls up her sleeves to pacify her that it's not a big deal & gives her some interesting insights.

Source - News Helpline

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