Friday, 30 March 2018

Raveena Tandon message on adoption

Actress #RaveenaTandon was the first actress in Hindi film industry to adopt two girls in 1995. She has said that it’s a great message to encourage people and to forward the message there’s nothing like taking up a life.

Raveena Tandon was interacting with media at 2nd edition of Entertainment Trade Awards along with Mrunal Kulkarni and Sonali Kulkarni on Thursday in Mumbai.

Raveena Tandon was the first to do away with the stigma of single parenthood as she adopted two daughters in 1995. Two decades after that, she has been approached by a New York-based school called ‘Film Connection’ to narrate the story of motherhood in a documentary based on her life, which shall outline the journey of raising two daughters by herself, talking about the film which is being made on her, Raveena said, “There has been a proposal that have come there where they are talking about women in our industry. I was the first in our film industry ever to adopt two girls. I think it’s a great message to encourage people and to forward the message that there’s nothing like taking up a life which is already on this planet. To bring a life, to nourish, to cherish and to see nurture that life when that life becomes successful is the biggest gratification anyone can get so I encourage that with people”
Talking about education system of India which is mostly criticized by people, Raveena said, “It’s a serious discussion. I think education system of India is one of the best. When people from India step outside our country become very successful. We are ready to do the hard work and that’s reason of our success. If you go to NASA ,  there you will see Indians and Asians at higher posts so I don’t feel our education system is weak  on the other hand, I feel most of our schools don’t get funds  to provide basic facility to our children”

Expressing her displeasure over the recent CBSE paper leak, Ravena said, “This paper leak has become usual thing now. When I was in college that time also my paper was leaked but it’s an unfortunate thing and I can understand what parents and their children must be going through. I think we should bring strict laws to prevent it and people who have done this should be arrested and held responsible”

Ravvena Tandon was last seen ‘Shab’ which released in 2017.

Source - News Helpline

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