Friday, 30 March 2018

Definitely I will be doing more films says Rani Mukherji

#RaniMukherji confirmed she will be doing more films on the sidelines of #Hichki's success party. The Makers celebrated the success of Rani's comeback film Hichki on Thursday.

In previous interviews whenever asked about her future plans Rani said, it can only be confirmed after Hichki's success or failure. Now that the makers celebrated the success party when asked about her plans she said, "Definitely, I will be doing more films because that's always been something that I love doing. But obviously, I wanted to now, how Hichki works and if the audience wants me back on screen after a gap of 4 years. Now that I know people are still keen to see me on screen, the projects that I had kept on hold will see the light of day."

When asked as a mother how was it to work with kids on set she said, "I didn't look at them as I would look at my kids. I looked at them as professionals, as kids who know what they are doing. They were clear as to how they want to perform. They had workshops and prep with Atul and Prashant. So on the first day of the shoot, they were more prepared than me."

The film depicted the life of a teacher played by the ‘Mardani’ star Rani, who has a nervous system disorder called, Tourette Syndrome that forces people who are suffering from it to make repetitive movements or sounds, involuntarily.
While talking about her preparation for the role Rani said, it was mostly emotional. "For someone who has Tourette Syndrome you have ticks and vocal sounds of your own. So it was very important for me to come out with ticks of my own because they have to be something that comes out of me. I had to do it in every scene and frame and balance it so that it does not look like an act. I had to do it very organically and naturally. When I met Brad through skype I had a lot of conversations with him and observed him. I spent a lot of time with him to understand when and how is he ticking. What are his emotional grounds? I had to come up with somethings that Naina would have, so I had to develop sounds that would come naturally to me."

'Hichki' directed by Siddharth P Malhotra and produced by Maneesh Sharma, the film stared Rani Mukherji in lead along with kid actors. 

The film released on 23 March 2018.

Source - News Helpline

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