Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The element of luck is bare minimum in Indian Poker League says Raj Kundra

#Raj_Kundra and his wife #Shilpa_Shetty attended launch of #Indian_Poker_League on Tuesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Kundra stated that the element of luck is bare minimum in this Indian Poker League.

Talking about his new venture, Kundra said, “IPL just couldn’t keep me away, so I’m back. This is an ideal opportunity to put India on the global poker map. The winning team here will play as Team India at the World Cup .The format of match poker is digitally delivered cards around the table. There is website called from where you can download the app and people of the country can start playing and depending upon how players rank in the country, then the federation will choose players and suggest them to team owners.”

“This app is phenomenal app. I have played many app in my life. This app is created by IFB. It can beat 95% of world’s best poker players. Once you come across this app you will come to realize that lot of skills goes into it and that’s what we are promoting here. Poker is a sport. It’s all about skill and it’s all about what you deliver, here the element of luck is bare minimum. You can have bad hands but be a very good poker player to win that hand”.

“We will organize lot of offline poker events with the federation collectively. If an individual is good at it then he can get into a paid professional player where he can make livelihood out of poker in India.”
Shilpa was also present at the event, she said, “I want to congratulate Raj. I feel very proud as wife that he comes up with really innovative ideas. He wants to do things before everyone else. He is ahead of times whether it be SFL or even investing in IPL. I am not a poker player. I was introduced to poker because of Shane Warne and I understand it’s a game of skill contrary to the belief that it had lot do with gambling. I feel they have taken the aspect of gambling form this league. I am looking forward to see Indian jersey being wore by winners for that representation to happen on a world podium”.

The new venture, which has been recognized by the International Federation of Poker (IFP), has secured a spot for the Indian team in the Nations Cup, to be held in Oxford, England, in December. This will be the second time an Indian team will feature at an IFP event, after their sixth-placed finish at the 2013 Asian Nations Cup in China.

Kundra is no stranger to the business of sport having tried his hand at mixed martial arts in the past while he still co-owned Rajashtan Royals. The Super Fight League that he had started in 2012 along with Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt though hardly garnered much attention and is now co-owned by British businessman Bill Dosanjh and 2004 Athens Olympics silver medal winning boxer Amir Khan.

Source - News Helpline