Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Chrissy Teigen loves scrambled eggs

Model #Chrissy_Teigen says she loves to indulge in scrambled eggs made with "heavy cream", but there is not a single meal that puts her in the mood for love.

Speaking in a video interview for Harper's Bazaar, Teigen said: "I like my eggs slowly scrambled with heavy cream, and salt and pepper. So good."

Although she says she is a big food lover, there is not one particular meal or tasty treat that gets her in the mood for an intimate session with her husband and musician John Legend, reports
When asked what cuisine turns her on, Teigen said: "No food really. When I feed John, and when we eat together, we eat, and we feel so full that you're not going to go up to bed and go 'Let's do it'."

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