Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Dress up for Bieber's India concert in style

From choosing the right t-shirt to opting a funky hair cut -- make sure you do something to stand out at Canadian singer #JustinBieber's India leg of his #PurposeWorldTour here on Wednesday.

Experts from European fashion brand ONLY and TIGI Educator Audrey D'Souza shortlisted a few looks that can make you look fashionable and different during the concert at the DY Patil Stadium:

* Back to school look-revamped: Opt for a comfy cool-girl tee along with ripped jeans. Up the game with your favourite elementary school hairstyle that has made a fierce comeback. 

How to get the hair style:

* Start by rinsing your hair with re-energizing shampoo followed by recharging conditioner

* Centre-part your hair using your fingers (a comb would make it too neat) 

* Secure each side into a pigtail at the nape of your neck

* Loosen some pieces above the elastics and finger-tease. Finish off with the long-lasting spray to keep the look in place while you sway all night to your favourite songs

* Cute as a button: Go for cold shoulder tops and pair them with shorts and dainty accessories. Style your hair in space buns to complete the look.
How to get the hair style:

* The key is volume. So, prep your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner

* Dab on some shine serum

* Part your hair, from the forehead to the back of your head. Keep the parting straight and simple, or make it zig-zag

* Tie the two hair sections into high pigtails and tease them further. Twist each pigtail or get creative with a braid, and roll it up in a bun, which you can secure with a couple of bobby pins. And there, you are ready to rock those space buns.

* Rock-chic meets gypsy vibe: Get the best of both worlds by combining edgy plus boho into the outfit. Pair a basic grey tee and knot it up your waist. Go for skinny jeans in military green, ink blue or black. Add the gypsy vibe with a side braid.

How to get the hair style:

* Wash your hair with strengthening shampoo and follow it up with a smoothening conditioner

* Part your hair from one side, with the pointed end of a teasing comb. Work the smaller section of the hair into a tight braid - you can choose to make this a waterfall braid or a usual one

* While you work through the braid, at regular intervals clip on the rings or piercings, to form a uniform pattern. Use a bobby pin to safely secure the end of the braid behind the nape of your neck, tucked under the larger section of your hair which is side-swept

* Finally, for a finishing touch, use a shine spray. Hold it 10-12 inches from your hair and spray in short bursts across all sections for awe-worthy hair

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