Thursday, 23 February 2017

Pandit Girish Chandra To Perform In Ghazal Concert In Mumbai

Eminent ghazal singer #Pandit_Girish_Chandra is going to blow the minds of ghazal lovers in Mumbai as he is all set to perform soulful #ghazal concert in the city on 2 March, 2017.

Girish Chandra, as a child prodigy, started singing in Vaishnava temples, under the influence of ‘Haveli’ sangeet, at the tender age of 6. He took his initial musical training from Pandit Omkar Nath Thakur. Girish Chandra forte in music includes bhakti sangeet, ghazals, thumri, badakhayal, chottakhayal .

Girish Chandra has worked under legendary music composer Madan Mohan from 1961 to 1970 in seven films including Mera Saaya, Dastak, Haste Zakhm, Heer Raanjha, and Laila Majnu and Woh Kaun Thi?

Pandit  Girish Chandra has been settled in USA from past 45 years. He has performed in various countries like Spain, Italy, France, U.K, Canada, Gemany and U.A.E.

Girish Chandra talked about his upcoming ghazal concert in Mumbai. He said, “I have been associated with music since my childhood. Later, I performed for the longest time in U.S.A in front of musically inclined audience. My forte in music in music is mainly bhakti sangeet, thumri and ghazals”

He mentioned that, he also provides training of voice culture techniques to student and managed live workshops in various universities.

“It is my debut programme in India. On my upcoming concert in Mumbai, I am presenting myself as singer and  composer, in which I will be presenting my own composition which people never had chance to listen. I am also coming up with my first album ‘Kabhi To Shaam Dhale’ which I also named as Ghazal Reborn. In that concert, I will be mainly focusing on bhakti sangeet, thumri and ghazals giving my own treatment to it.

He also talked about ghazal as genre, he said, “ghazal gives you experience of many emotions at one time like love, pain and relationships. ghazal is basically flow of emotions in which you have beautiful balance of literature and music. My effort has been to concentrate on purity of my compositions. Unfortunately, in India, bollywood has been money making machine. Bollywood music is considered as the only form of music but there are other forms of music which don’t get its due credit which they are deserve. I feel to take forward ghazal to future generations; bollywood composer should explore this genre”.

He also said that, audience in abroad are far more matured than Indian audience. They miss cultural roots very heavily. They have more knowledge and always curious to know about detailing in music.
The Event is Organised by Japss Crew under the guidance of Vaibhav Kamble, Rampal Yadav, Mukesh Tripathi & Ramprasad Iyer.

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