Monday, 2 January 2017

Ben Affleck doesn't want kids to pay price for his fame

Actor-filmmaker #Ben_Affleck says his wildest dreams have come true, but at a price.

Affleck is coming out with gangster film "Live by Night" - he has directed the movie and stars in it too. The poster for "Live by Night" has the tag line - American dream comes at a price. Affleck agrees it's pertinent to his own life, reports 

"Absolutely. I've been lucky. I've had my wildest dreams come true, but the price is the Faustian exchange you make where your identity is not your own," Affleck said. 

He added: "You become a public figure and it changes all the rules. The press can become invasive and dishonest, and you have to put up with inconvenient stuff like that."
Affleck shares a cordial bond with his estranged wife Jennifer Garner, with whom he shares daughters Violet, 10, Seraphina, seven, and four-year-old son Samuel.

The actor said he is okay with the constant spotlight on his life, but gets bothered when his children's personal space is invaded. 

"I'm at peace with paying my own price, what I'm not at peace with is when it invades on my kids' space and time. They didn't make any bargains. I try to shelter them as best I can. That's my only real gripe."

"Live by Night" - backed by Warner Bros - is slated to release in India on January 13.

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