Friday, 9 December 2016

Six tips on men's make-up

Men are no longer shying away from make-up and grooming products to conceal their blemishes, dark circles or oily shine. Follow six steps to look good and feel confident, says a make-up expert.

Make-up artist Vidya Tikari suggests how:

♦ A neat shave and a clean skin is way to start before you begin your make-up regime. Wash your face with luke warm water and exfoliate. Give some time before you exfoliate as a freshly shaven skin can be an irritant. 

♦ Use a toner and pat on your skin in order to reinstate the natural pH level of your skin. Follow this up with moisturising your skin which could have a sunscreen property attached to it.

♦ The next in line is a concealer for the dark circles around the eyes. Since this is one of the understated products, men are most comfortable using. Foundation is also a good option as it is used to hide pimples, blemishes, uneven spots on the skin. A water-based foundation works better for men as they have big pores owing to their beard and moustache.

♦ A tinted moisturiser is another option to go with. This gives a mild glow to the skin giving it a healthy look. Couple it up with a light and clear lip balm which would prevent the skin from sun exposure while keeping it soft.

♦ The eyeliner look is a take from the rock stars and some Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp. Keep it subtle and apply it lightly. Manscara for men - use a few coats moderately on the eye lashes to complement the liner. Use a clear and light mascara for those initiating themselves in the men's make-up category. Steer clear of coloured mascara and liners. 

♦ To keep the oil at bay, dust in some powder compact closest to your skin tone. This would ensure a matte effect and keep your nose and cheekbones grease-free.

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