Saturday, 17 December 2016

Offbeat places to travel in upcoming year

Planning a vacation but confused about destination? Why not the theater district in Seoul or the foodie hamlet within Kuala Lumpurs bustling city centre or a residential artists enclave in Minneapolis

Based on the travel patterns of more than 140 million total guest arrivals here is what Airbnb -- a community-driven hospitality company has suggested some quirky destinations for the upcoming year.

Urban, but not dense: People are flocking to laid-back communities that offer urban convenience with a relaxed vibe. The serene Milneburg district of New Orleans, Phoenix Park, a district brimming with gardens and wildlife close to Dublin, Ireland's capital are some such places.
Glorious green spaces: Areas like Rockcliffe Smythe in Toronto, with large beautiful green spaces makes an ideal place for a relaxing visit.

Food options galore: Places like Bangkok's Din Daeng district, renowned for its roadside markets and Midtown Miami's epicurean delights makes great destinations for food lovers.

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