Friday, 25 November 2016

The Miss Globe 2016 in Remembrance of Mother Teresa: Dimple Patel

"The Miss Globe 2016" being held in Albania, Tirane Europe is a worldwide renowned pageant handled by Deliart Association. 

the-miss-globe-2016-in-remembrance-of-mother-teresaThere are around 40 countries participating in this pageant. This year the pageant is in remembrance of Mother Teresa i.e beatification of Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa is indeed the angel mother of India. Her contribution to mankind cannot be forgotten. Mother lives in all of us.

Miss India Dimple Patel representing the land that mother served (India). Dimple is overwhelmed with the fact that she is representing India particularly the year in which the pageant is celebrating the beatification of Mother Teresa.

Dimple Patel is a renowned super model and stands fair chances to win the pageant. This tall sensuously gorgeous beauty is all set to spread message of love and peace on a world platform tomorrow. The confident dimple Patel has years of experience to back her. She is calm and poised and all charged to grab the crown.

India is cheering for u Miss India Dimple Patel, give your best and make our country proud.

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