Saturday, 8 October 2016

Pakistani actress hopes cross-border film spreads love

#Jeewan_Haathi, a film produced by an Indian conglomerate and helmed by two Pakistani directors, is set to release in Pakistan on November 4 amid India-Pakistan tensions. Pakistani actor #Hina_Dilpazeer, who features in it with #NaseeruddinShah, hopes it spreads love.

pakistani-actress-hopes-cross-border-film-spreads-love"Jeewan Hathi" is directed by Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi, the makers of "Zinda Bhaag", and is part of a Pakistan-India collaboration initiated by Zee Zindagi called Zeal for Unity, which unites 12 prolific filmmakers from both sides to together make empowering videos to showcase their zeal for unity, reported.

A black comedy, "Jeewan Haathi" will not be screened in Indian cinemas as of now, the producers have said. However, it has been screened at film festivals in India and has been appreciated.
Talking about how "Jeewan Hathi" can impact relations amidst the ongoing tensions between Pakistan and India, Hina told "All us artistes, who are related to creative works, our job isn't to change anybody, our job is to ignite light in the darkness, in hopes that it may create light... We are just doing that."

She added: "We ignite the light of our names, of our films and hope that it is enough to pave a path. We're not here to change anything. We're just here to spread love."

The actress, noted for her performance in the TV drama "Bulbulay", believes production houses around the globe should work together in joint ventures across borders.

"I've lived a long time in Dubai and we had a lot of neighbours who were Indians, but they used to welcome us with a lot of love, and we'd call them over with a lot of love. This (Pakistan-India friction) is not the common man's war, this hatred is not the work of the common man, this is the politicians' work and nothing else.

"Why would one god-fearing human hate another god-fearing human? There's no reason."

There has been increased unrest between India and Pakistan since the September 18 terror attack which killed 19 soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir. India responded with surgical strikes on terrorist hubs across the Loc in Pakistani territory.

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