Monday, 22 August 2016

Peter Andre feels too 'shy' to take off his top

Singer #PeterAndre feels "shy" when he has to take off his top, but he doesn't follow a strict eating regime because he "loves" food.

"I'm not much of a shirt taker offer. I'm not into it. Maybe I'm getting a bit shy!" Andre told BANG Showbiz, reports

Despite this the star is still in peak physical condition, although he has shared he hasn't achieved his figure by dieting because he "loves" to eat.

He explained: "I don't diet, I like to eat. I have to exercise though. I feel better than I ever have done in my life."
While Andre is pleased with how he looks now, although he wants to look even better by the time he celebrates his 50th birthday.

The singer said: "I plan to be fit at 50. I want to do a proper photo shoot at 50. I've got to make sure I am fit at 50 though."

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