Monday, 29 August 2016

Michael Buble launches 'romantic' fragrance

Singer #MichaelBuble hopes his debut fragrance By Invitation -- for women -- is as romantic as his love ballads.

"I hope its romantic," Buble told

"To be honest with you, the world is a scary place right now. My job as an entertainer is to take people away and allow them a moment of fantasy and a moment where they can escape.

"I think having music or movies or even fragrance is a way to allow people to take a little break. I love that, that I get to be a small part of happy moments in a world that is becoming increasingly more complicated," he added.
The women's scent is romantic at its core with a floral heart made of lily of the valley, rose peony and wild jasmine, but is also layered with zesty citrus notes, such as lemon and bergamot, completed by notes of warm, creamy vanilla and sandalwood.

He initially wanted to call it Love In A Bottle.

"I hope that when a woman wears it she does feel sexy, and I hope that the man or the woman in her life enjoys it as much as I enjoy it when I smell it on my wife," said the song, who is married to Argentine actress and model Luisana Lopilato.

He also kept his millions of fans in mind when creating By Invitation.

"I didn't want (the scent) to be one-dimension and feel like it was a fragrance that was too youthful, nor did I want a fragrance that was too old.

"I wanted something that could be as merciful as my audience is, and that is the truth."

Now is a men's fragrance on the horizon for Buble?

"We will see where the path continues on," he said.

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