Monday, 16 January 2017

David Guetta performs in Mumbai, says 'we deserve this party'

His performance in Bengaluru got cancelled, and his gig in Mumbai was delayed. But that didn't stop Grammy Award-winning DJ #David_Guetta from giving the crowd here a performance to remember as he told them the "party" is well-deserved.

Guetta, who belongs to France, took to the Sunburn Arena stage here on Sunday for his much-awaited performance.

He started his 90-minute performance by telling the audience: "We deserve this party, man! It has been such a journey. I am thankful that we can finally do it. Thank you for your patience, for coming so early today."

The performance was held at the Reliance Jio Garden at Bandra Kurla Complex. The DJ, who has a huge fan following in India, got the crowd grooving with some of his hits like "Hey mama", "Sexy bitch" and "Without you".

Apart from Guetta, the audience was thrilled by the performances of home-grown artistes DJ Anish Sood, Nina Malika and Zaeden.

Bollywood wants its stars to look like Pitt, Kardashian: Celebrity hairstylist

Internationally-acclaimed hairstylist #PatrickCameron says Bollywood is taking notes from Hollywood to style their icons a la #KimKardashian and #BradPitt. However, he feels the Hindi film industry still maintains its distinct and special identity.

Cameron, who set foot in the industry in his early 20s in New Zealand, calls India a "very multi-cultural society within its own country" and finds the world of Hindi film industry "100 per cent outrageous". 

"I think Bollywood is 100 per cent outrageous and I think it's colourful and wonderful. I can't comment about celebrities and styles from Bollywood because I don't know any and I really can't comment about trends in Bollywood because I haven't seen enough. But what I will say is that, Bollywood very much takes its inspiration for its styling from what it sees around the world," Cameron told. 

Brit Awards 2017: David Bowie, Leonard Cohen nominated posthumously

Late singer-songwriters #DavidBowie and #LeonardCohen have been nominated posthumously for the 2017 Brit Awards.

Bowie, who died in January 2016, has received two nominations -- in the British male solo artist and British album of the year categories, while Cohen has been nominated in the International male solo artist section, reported.

Bowie qualified for a nomination because his "Blackstar" album was released and hit the Top 40 during the required dates for the award category.

The list, announced on Saturday, is topped by Skepta and Little Mix, who have three nominations each.

Skepta is nominated for British male solo artist, British breakthrough act and British album of the year for "Konnochiwa", while Little Mix features in the British Group, British single and British artist video of the year categories.

My fashion sense was quite outrageous: Kangana Ranaut

#Kangana_Ranaut is known for her film projects as well as her fashion sense. The actress says it was not a "conscious leap" to come forward as a style icon.

The actress also said she has been experimental with her looks since her growing up days.

"I started as a small town girl and it was not a conscious leap where I decided that 'Okay fine, I have to emerge as this style icon'. While growing up, I was quite experimental with my looks. It was not like that I didn't stand out back home in my little village where I grew up," Kangana told. 

"In fact, my fashion sense was quite outrageous. I remember wearing torn shorts and straw hat and going to market, which sort of scandalised everyone," she added. 

The 29-year-old is known for films like "Gangster - A Love Story", "Fashion", "Queen", "Tanu Weds Manu" and "Tanu Weds Manu Returns". She is now being lauded for her look in her forthcoming film "Rangoon" -- Vishal Bhardwaj's period drama set in the 1940s amidst the turmoil of India's Independence struggle. 

The actress said her father was not happy with her style while growing back. 

Victoria Beckham calls lawyers to stop Spice Girls reunion

Singer-turned-designer and former #SpiceGirls band member #Victoria_Beckham has reportedly called in lawyers to stop the remaining Spice Girls from performing the group's back catalogue.

Mel B, Geri Horner and Emma Bunton were planning to reunite this year to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary, reports

"The girls are devastated. It is an extremely sad way for things to end," a source told The Sun newspaper.

"Victoria is proud of her Spice Girls history but this suggests she wants to cut all links with the group which transformed her life. She is resorting to aggressive legal letters and it is an extremely sad way for things to end after all they have been through together," the source added.

Last year, Beckham said she preferred if the three girls sang their own material.

"I do think they should sing their own material though, because what we did in the Spice Girls was so special. If they sang Spice Girls songs I think I might be a bit sad," Beckham said in a past interview.

Tapping into one's potential frightening: Viola Davis

Actress #Viola_Davis, who recently won the Golden Globe for her work in the film #Fences, says that tapping into your own potential is "very frightening".

Davis used to think if she puts herself down, it would make her look more "humble". But now she realises it is important to show how confident she is of herself and of her abilities, reports

"I think tapping into one's power and one's potential is a very frightening thing. And for women, it's a very new thing. It is. I always used to feel that self-deprecation was an answer to humility - that people would see me as a humble person the more I put myself down," Davis told The Observer magazine.

"And people do say that, 'Oh! I ran into so-and-so and they kept saying, 'Oh, my work in this really sucked,' and they were great! I just thought it was so refreshing that they said that! And I often think to myself, what if someone says, 'You know what, I'm confident, I'm really happy about the work I did. I really felt like I gave it my best and it came out great,' the same way men do. Why is that not seen as humble?," she added.

Amber Heard moves on after divorce from Depp

She has finalised her divorce with actor #Johnny_Depp, and now actress #Amber_Heard is reportedly dating Elon Musk.

The actress, who will get a 5.6 million pound divorce payout, has told friends she is "smitten" with Musk -- the boss of electric car giant Tesla. They are now making plans together, reports 

A source said: "Amber is over the moon about her divorce but she is even happier about being able to go public with Elon. She was telling friends over Christmas how smitten she is with Elon. They are already planning a lot of adventures together and she's relieved she can move on with her life.It's an exciting new chapter for both of them."

Selena Gomez not worried about Bella Hadid

Singer #Selena_Gomez is not worried about upsetting model #Bella_Hadid with her relationship with singer The Weeknd.

The "Heart wants what it wants" hitmaker was seen kissing The Weeknd earlier this week, which made Hadid unfollow her on Instagram, reports

"Selena was always the girl who stayed away from a lot of the Taylor Swift crew, except for Taylor. She preferred to be one-on-one with Taylor and didn't like being a part of the whole squad thing," a source said.

Another source said: "Selena is not good friends with either Gigi or Bella. She knows them through other people, but they are just acquaintances.

Natalie Portman wants strong female leads

Actress #Natalie_Portman says she is "not interested" in watching movies without women in strong roles.

The "Black Swan" star is disappointed that there is a lack of movies in Hollywood that feature women in leading roles. As an audience member, she finds it is "really hard" to watch any films which don't feature many women, reports

"I don't have a problem with that point of view because it is a totally legitimate point of view - I'm glad to get insight into how straight white male minds work. It's just that we're not having other points of view," Portman told Culture magazine.

"As a female audience member, it's really hard for me to watch these movies where women don't exist. There are so many movies where it's literally 20 men and no female character, or there's a female character who's, like, the wife on the phone. I'm kind of not interested in watching it," she added.

When to consult marriage counsellor

Are you finding yourself having less discussions with your partner or thinking of an extra-marital #relationship? If so, it's time to consult a #marriage_counsellor, suggests an expert.

Anil Sethi, a relationship counsellor and motivational speaker, has shared possibilities when you should seek a professional's help in your marriage.

* One of the most important indicators is communication between partners. Communication can be negative, stressful and disrespectful also. If there are no discussions between partners other than children, then that also means professional help is required.

* If partners are getting attracted to others or thinking of extra-marital relations, that is a clear sign that they are no longer interested in each other.

* They have differences, but don't know how to fix it.

Salman wishes luck to SRK's 'Raees', Hrithik's 'Kaabil'

Superstar #Salman_Khan on Sunday wished good luck to his "Karan Arjun" co-star #Shah_Rukh_Khan's "Raees" and actor #Hrithik_Roshan's "Kaabil", which are releasing together on January 25.

Salman also thanked filmmaker Rakesh Roshan for giving him so many memories of working with Shah Rukh in "Karan Arjun".

He tweeted: "Thanks Rakeshji for giving SRK and me 21 years of 'Karan Arjun'. Congrats Duggu (Hrithik) on 17 Years Of KNPH ('Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai') Hrithik. Best of luck 'Raees' and 'Kaabil' on Jan 25." 

Directed by Rakesh Roshan, "Karan Arjun" featured Shah Rukh and Salman as brothers in the film. Raakhee played their mother.

SRK and Salman's bond hit a rough patch at one point of time, but all seems well now. They have shared the frame in films like "Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam" and "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai".

There are reports that Salman and Shah Rukh might come together for the big screen once again for "Tubelight". It is believed that SRK has a cameo in Kabir Khan's "Tubelight", but both of them are tight-lipped about it.

I believe in democracy: Nicole Kidman

Actress #Nicole_Kidman, who faced criticism after her comment on the 2016 US presidential election results, says she believes in democracy.

The Hawaiian-born actress raised in Australia and who has dual citizenship said earlier: "I just say, Trump's now elected, and we as a country need to support whoever's the President because that's what the country's based on."

This invited the ire of several social media users then and she clarified her stance now, reports

"I was trying to stress that I believe in democracy and the American constitution. It's that simple. I'm just, I'm out of it now. That's what I said. It's that simple," she said.

She told the BBC 2 channel that she tends to stay away from speaking about politics.

Having said that, Kidman maintained there were certain causes. "I'm issue based. I'm very, very committed to women's issues."

What to gift Kylie on Valentine's Day, Tyga wonders

Rapper #Tyga doesn't want to disappoint reality TV personality and his beau #Kylie_Jenner on Valentine's Day.

With Valentine's Day approaching on February 14, Tyga wants to give Kylie something which is "perfect and reflects how amazing he thinks she is", a source told

"Tyga doesn't know what to get Kylie for Valentine's Day, and it is starting to be something he is getting concerned about. He wants to make a splash, but he feels that if he doesn't do something over the top and unique that it will be a major disappointment for Kylie since she is very materialistic and is expecting something awesome," said the source.

The couple has a history of showering each other with lavish gifts. 

Rahul Dholakia helped me at every step: Mahira Khan

Pakistani actress #Mahira_Khan says working with National Award winning director Rahul Dholakia for her Bollywood debut project #Raees was amazing.

Mahira talked about her Bollywood debut project during a live chat session with fans and followers on Twitter when one user asked "how was working with Rahul Dholakia?"

She responded: "Amazing. Rahul Dholakia helped me every step of the way."

Set against the backdrop of the prohibition in Gujarat, "Raees" touches upon the way alcohol industry crumbled and several illegal activities followed. Its trailer gives a glimpse of the story backed by heavy duty action sequences, and many thrilling moments. 

In the film, Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan essays the title role of Raees, a bootlegger. Also starring Nawazzuddin Siddiqui, it is slated to release on January 25.

20-minute exercise is all you need to be fit

If you can spare 20 minutes everyday for moderate exercise, it will stimulate your immune system and make you less prone to diseases like #arthritis and #fibromyalgia, a new research has found.

Scientists at the University of California (UC) in San Diego found one session of moderate exercise can act as an anti-inflammatory.

"Our study found one session of about 20 minutes of moderate treadmill exercise resulted in a five per cent decrease in the number of stimulated immune cells producing TNF," said Suzi Hong from UC.

Scientists noted that during exercise, the brain and sympathetic nervous system are activated, enabling the body to carry out work while the hormones that are released into the blood stream trigger adrenergic receptors, which immune cells possess.